I’m Too Old for This – Transitioning to Study

If you have ever thought about returning to study, here is a great read on how to do just that.
I’m planning on returning to study after I’ve had my baby which is due in May 2019. Fingers crossed I’m mentally prepared to be enrolled into Uni in 2020 🤞🏼

The Reset Button

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not old by any stretch.

Most of you would laugh at the notion that I felt to old for anything.

Heck I am young enough that the idea of being called “mature aged” hurts, just a little.

And I sure share a lot of the same cultural identities as most students.

But none of that changed the fact that, when I first stepped onto campus, I felt another grey hair sprout and I couldn’t help but think “Am I too old for this?”.

56907868_811379335911992_2079517830650265600_n 29 and feeling to old for it. Yeah, I know I am laughing too..

Not only was there a feeling that I was socially isolated, I was worried with how I would cope with the study. Unlike these recent school leavers I was a decade removed from the education system, how was I supposed to keep up with content designed for fresher…

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